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Bare Møbler: Ørjan Djønne and Marius Sveen

The design company Bare Møbler begun in 2003 as Bergen Academy exhibition project. Bare Møbler (‘Only Furniture’) is a collaboration between furniture designers Ørjan Djønne and Karl Marius Sveen. From their bases in Bergen and Oslo, they create products that perfectly exemplify the modern Norwegian design values of simplicity, understatement, humour and the prominence of nature. Working with a variety of national and international clients, Bare Møbler produces furniture that combines a genuine passion for quality craftsmanship with a process optimized for industrial production.

The Flip and Fold upholstered padded module bench and the unique shaped Twisted Little Star table are two furniture pieces in the RBM product portfolio, both playful and inspiring.  


Products for Scandinavian Business Seating:

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